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At the end of the all-day workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Define the concept of cyberbullying.
2. Establish strong and sincere ties/connections with the people you've met on the Internet.
3. Appreciate the powerful and ferocious willingness of the individual to disregard the dictator.
4. Practice being a role model on the Internet by performing the expected tasks that will
enable others to be aware of cyberbullying.

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Who should attend this workshop?

Cyberbullying is a form of abuse that adults need to take steps to fix. As we all know,
parents are typically the ones who have the right to discipline or educate their child,
and they must still be the ones to love and support them. Also, the one who should
guide them was the teachers because they have the ability to instruct their students via Values subject.
So we believed that adults, including teachers and parents, could take action
to prevent and help protect teens and children from attempting to engage in cyber-bullying.

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Why you should attend this workshop?

The goal of this workshop is to make it easy for readers, such as parents, to be alerted to
what is happening in the world of social media, as they are not sure whether their child is hiding
instances of cyberbullying or something that triggers a physical, emotional, behavioral
or social issue. The team set up this workshop to advise parents on what steps they should
take to help children from cyberbullying harm.

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