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Course Outline

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A. Warm Welcome - Can include the invitation and presentation of participants to our workshop. This will allow us to get to know the learners well.

B. Introduction - What is Social Media? In this section, we will provide the presentation to teenagers about the meaning, advantages and negative consequences of social media. We will also provide a lot of knowledge about social media that can make them understand the things they didn't know and the things they need to know.

C. Icebreaker - Who wants an Ice breaker? Of course everyone needs to relax, and we're going to help them feel comfortable at our workshop, so that we’ll be able to say that our workshop will be as effective as what we expect in our workshop.

D. Cyberbullying - Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying can occur through SMS, Text, and apps, or online in social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior.

E. What to do if you are at the receiving end of Cyberbullying? - What we can do if we are at the end of Cyberbullying is first to report the said cyberbully to the police, reporting their account and of course letting the police know what happened with the evidence you will provide. Also let your parents know so they are aware of your situation instead of facing it alone.

F. Success Story - Success story will include the basic idea of cyberbullying that participants need to know about. In addition, this will provide some real-life scenarios about the cyberbullying they have undergone and how they have overcome it. It will act as a guide for participants to consider what actions they need to do to help a survivor excel in cyberbullying.

G. Steps that must be performed to lessen the cases of Cyberbullying - Our team will have a series of measures in this section to make them understand that they can decrease the incidence of cyberbullying cases. This will also allow us to offer this key as the solution to the social media issue we are facing

H. Conclusion - The conclusion will reflect the overall theme of the workshop. This will act as a summary of the things we were talking about. We can also offer some quizzes or activities so that we know what the participants are still struggling to understand a particular portion. We could clarify it again and provide some key takeaways so that they could have words that could make it understandable.