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Usability testing

Usability testing? Oh, isn't that a good way to launch a better prototype?
Since everyone is inside this quarantine, the test location will be done online by
submitting google forms during class hours. These google forms are made up
of a series of questions about the views and perspectives of the participants about
the website, based on its content. These usability tests that have been carried out
are a great help for the team, Iris, to develop their prototyping skills
and knowledge.

Do you want to answer our prepared usability test questions? Check it out on About Us tab!


The participants are composed of 17 students and are made up of female
and male students. The most expected participants in the main workshop
would be adults but then the team realized that everyone may involve in this
kind of problem, Cyberbullying, which we can also mean that everyone are
allowed to take action in fighting this problem whether you are a child, teen or
even adult.


The series of questions on usability testing focused mainly on how to define the overall website, the quality of the information or content, the navigation and in particular, the suggestions. These questions will enable the team to be aware of where they need to work on improving. Suggestions are the special part of the usability testing because as we all know, the participants can really decide how are they satisfied and what are the other things that they would like expect in the prototype.


The team has seen a lot of things in the usability test. Some respondents do not take usability test questions, but some also practice integrity, which is a good deed. Some also suggested changes in terms of content and the way it is written, navigation and activities. Despite these comments, some also advised us to make this workshop successful, such as always smiling and boosting everyone's confidence, while some expressed appreciation on our website and workshop execution. All of the answers that the team received are well-appreciated!


The team decided to revise the website they created by following the suggestions and/or feedback of the participants, which are very helpful for the team in creating a good workshop. The team is also said to be prepared and practice a way of thinking that will help them develop trust in the next workshop.